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We grow three delicious types of apples: McIntosh, Empire, and Red Delicious. You can Pick-Your Own, buy them pre-picked from the Roadside Honour Stand, or come to Cider Day on Sunday, October 3, 2021 to get home-made apple pie and fresh-pressed sweet apple cider. 

photo by @CarlyMillsphoto


This classic Ontario apple is the first to be harvested in the early fall. Macs are always crisp and tart and taste great with a spoonful of peanut butter.  They make a great apple sauce and are a key addition to our delicious cider.  


This apple is a cross between MacIntosh and Delicious, taking the best aspects from both type of apple.  They are simultaneously tart and sweet and always very crunchy. They make a great pie as they hold their shape well even after being baked. 

Red Delicious

Last to be harvested but certainly not least is Red Delicious.  These apples make the tastiest apple sauce because they are so sweet. Not a Red Delicious fan? We bet ours will have you singing a different tune. Sweet, crunchy and delicious!

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